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What’s Up New Delhi !


We are one of the Finest Tattoo Studio in Delhi and We are doing something CRAZY to promote our artists before this year ends.


For The Rest Of This Month, We’re Giving Away 15 Discount Vouchers Worth Rs. 10,000 OFF an Entire Day Tattoo Session. 


We’re Talking Non-Stop Tattooing for

6- 8 Hours


Enter Below to Claim Your 

₹ 10,000 OFF Tattoo Voucher !

Offer Only Available For FULL DAY (6-8 Hours) Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Sessions




From a Hotelier turned into a tattoo artist, Abhishek Started his passion with tattoos in 2010. Trained by one of the best artists from North East India, helped in achieving all the basics. He has worked in many National and International conventions and also worked with Apple Ink Studio, Thailand for an amazing experience. He specializes in Black and Grey Realism, Portraits and Custom Calligraphy. 



From a news producer to a tattoo artist, Megha found her right spark to life here. After training for a year into the basics, she takes up all the challenges very well. With a daily challenging walk-in studio environment. She specializes in Custom designing a tattoo from your ideas and concept, works excellent with her unique style of pepper shading.

Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 8.08.24 PM.png


Amazing at drawing with his self-learned abilities Rahul is one of our latest additions to artists. His super tight lining and ability to put details in a small area gives him a niche. We trust his details and ability to do the smallest & finest work.



Massive experience in all categories of tattoos and a spark edge to work on dark Indian skin tones Nikhil is an all-rounder. Trained under our studio we are proud of his dedication and punctuality towards work. He specializes in Dotwork, Oriental, black n Grey, and colorwork.

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