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We created N.A Tattoo Studio to make sure that every customer could have a great tattoo experience and that every artist could work in a nurturing professional environment. In 2010, we opened our first studio in Karol bagh, New Delhi. Our first Studio was pretty small around 7 ft x 5 ft with just one person doing everything from cleaning, tattooing, and marketing. In 2020, Our Studio is 2 floors, One dedicated to Tattooing and the other for Training. We are so proud that we have evolved from 1 person handling the studio to now a team of 4 artists, a manager, and 2 other staff members. 


The tattoo industry in India is undergoing phenomenal growth and is showing no signs of slowing down.

* The market size of the Tattoo Artists industry in India has grown 5.0% per year on average between 2015 and 2020.

Have you noticed how tattoos seem to be everywhere these days? But the experience of getting a tattoo hasn’t quite evolved. Until now.

But now there are amazing artists and studios taking over the industry.

We have really strived hard to be at the top when it comes to tattooing quality and client experience. 


Our Motto is to be a custom artwork, client experience-oriented Studio with top in the city artists capable to do all styles of tattooing. 

well, for us it's not about the tattoo anymore, it's about the first contact with the client turning into a lifetime relationship.

This can be easily achieved by ensuring the right staff, artists and management successfully give a great experience to the client. 




N.A Tattoo Studio ranks among the top 10 Studio's in Delhi when it comes to Artist Portfolio, Studio Space, Qualified Staff, and an amazing Tattoo Experience. 

  • Our Annual sales cross 45 lacs.

  •  Our monthly revenues this year have gone up 20% as compared to last year

  •  We have taken special marketing courses to ensure that we reach the right audience over social media

  •  We use a CMS (Customer  Management Software) to make sure there is a fluid contact with our clients using reminder SMS's and online Bills via emails. 

  • Comprehensive support every step of the way (Real estate, operations, marketing, sales, equipment and supplies, IT, construction and design, and more.)

  • Dedicated Operations Concierge for initial 30 days of operations.

  • Monthly meetings with the Finance and Operations team are conducted to review the financials of all the franchises.

  • Quarterly visits from the Operations Team, who assist the franchisees in recruiting and train staff, as well as providing ongoing support to help you meet the demands of your individual studio.

  • Weekly maintenance of website and marketing by our operations team.

We provide each franchisee access to our online portal. This portal allows the franchisee and its staff to book appointments, manage the client's database, studio sales, and expenses.  This sophisticated system allows for the privacy of all the Intellectual Property.

How will we do it ???


Our strong brand recognition means customers come to you. A network of franchises indicates that every Studio location works together to spread the word. N.A Tattoo Studio is located in a tourism hotspot. We also boast a massive social media presence, ensuring our customers help us spread the word whether they are already inked or thinking about getting inked.

As part of the N.A Tattoo Studio's marketing support program, franchisees are supported with all forms of Marketing and Business Development.

Feel Free to Call us at 8800878580

to set up a meeting

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