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Hi Everyone,


My name is Abhishek and I started tattooing 11 years back and it's been a long journey. 


Today I am here to share my story and give myself the challenge to grow. 


My tattooing story started 11 years back when I saw Miami ink and started to have an interest in tattooing. The initial 3 Years were amazing and my tattoos went better and the same with my clientele. 

Then came a break-even point, at that point I really didn't know what went wrong but when I look back today I analyze and realize what went wrong and where. 

The next 5 years were more of stability and not much growth. Every day almost the same thing - Shiva, maa papa, or common designs from google like Skulls etc. 


2 years back I started to do portraits and realism as my specialization as that was one thing that was unique in each piece in every possible manner. Each portrait definitely had two eyes one nose and one mouth but there was a different challenge/ fun in each of them, each was interesting and challenging in its own ways. I have never been bored of doing portraits ever. My portrait work has drastically improved in the past 1 year, more realistic and smoother. Though I have some restrictions sometimes as to lack of good quality reference or when the client has too much pain or rush. 


Now it’s the time to step up this game - to start a revolution with my inner self and evolve up.


My goal is to do 30 portrait tattoos in the next 30 days with no intention of doing it for money. 


All my requirements are that the image reference should be of good quality and the Client to be good as well.

All entries come through the below link only. 


 I do not ensure that I would be taking each and every entry but will try to take as many entries that have a good reference. I hope I will complete this goal with your help and my determination. 

Please be patient as my manager will go through each and shortlist the best ones and call to discuss further. 

19 March 2020

It's Time to Change the Game

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