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Upto 5,000 Rs Discount on Realistic Tattoos

Whats a Realistic tattoo ???

Usually represented by portraits or true scene / life / landscape that showcases the fine detail of anything comes under realistic tattoos. In lay man's word anything that is tattooed to the best of, that it looks realistic.

There was an era of tribals, bands, traditional but now is the era for realism.

Any thing from a small ant to a big elephant photo can be taken as a reference and turned into a Realistic Tattoo.

Here is our attempt to get the trending art trend more. Have a look at some of our latest work.


This month we are offering up to 5000 Rs off on Realistic Tattoos - human portraits, sculptures, religious portraits, or namely anything that could be done in a Realistic way.



1. Email us / Whatsapp your concept or design that you wish to get. Make sure the image is clear.

email - Whatsapp - 8800878580

2. One of our artist will call you in 24 hours to have a telephonic discussion about the design, size and placement.

3. Discounts are as per mentioned -


4000 - 4999 Rs. 1000

5000 - 9999 Rs. 2000

10000 - 14999 Rs. 3000

15000 and above Rs. 5000

4. Discount would be applicable on our studio standard rates i.e initial two inches are for 1500 and additional inches are for 500.

This Post is promotional for a limited period .

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